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Exploring Barbados

Welcome to  Barbados , a jewel of the Caribbean where Calypso music and afternoon tea live by side. When you choose  Sunny Barbados holiday homes for your vacation, you'll find yourself on a paradise island that offers more sightseeing possibilities than anywhere else in the Caribbean, along with endless stretches of pink and white sand beaches. Some of Sunny Barbados vacation rentals are mostly beachfront villas, comfortable homes with direct beach access.


Beautiful Barbados

Glorious sand-swept beaches, stunning landscapes and a culture to dive head first into – these are just some of the things that stand out on holidays to Barbados.Bottom BeachBottom Beach

Looking to fulfil your desert island fantasies? Whether you’re seeking a family getaway, romantic island retreat or a lively adventure with a group of friends, this stunning part of the world is bound to impress. From lazing on white sands with a cocktail or two, to putting on your snorkelling mask for a journey underwater, you’ll find plenty of things to do.

Indulge your senses with the bustling nightlife Barbados holidays are famed for, or immerse yourself in the laid-back  Caribbean culture of this vibrant island.





Island life


Rolling hills and sandy bays,  a pocket-sized paradise


Barbados, a pocket-sized paradise approximately 21 by 14 miles, bursts with the charm and hospitality typical of many Caribbean islands, combined with an unmatched natural beauty. Underneath the old-world allure lies a modern infrastructure that includes internationally recognized restaurants, luxury retail brands, world-class banking facilities, high-speed internet, and global television. But it’s the warmth and friendliness of the Barbadian people that lures visitors back to the island year after year.



Barbados is relatively flat, with a diverse countryside and stunning beaches. Coral stone cliffs of 50 to 100 feet rise and fall along the Eastern coastline, separated by small sandy beaches and bays. The South and West Coasts are characterized by wide sandy beaches and the calm, turquoise Caribbean waters. The interior of the island ranges from lush gullies to rolling hills to vast cane fields and plantations.


The climate is warm and sunny all year, with an average daytime temperature ranging from 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit (24 to 30 degrees Celsius).




Experience a home rental in Barbados!

Barbados Green MonkeyBarbados Green MonkeySunny Barbados vacation rentals on the west-coast are home to calm, turquoise waters, while the Barbados  eastern coast experience the cliff-lined Atlantic Ocean, with big waves and great bodysurfing. All of the island's beaches are open to the public, and with over 3000 hours of sunshine every year, you may have a hard time tearing yourself away from the sand and surf.

Part of the charm of Sunny Barbados  Holiday Homes, however, is the exciting mix of traditional and British flavors you'll find here - the West Indian culture remains strong, as seen in its food, music and handicrafts, but English traditions also abound. Not far from most Sunny Barbados rentals are places where you can treat yourself to afternoon tea or watch a game of cricket, the island's national sport. Bajans have also retained the British sense of hospitality, and a holiday at one of our  Sunny Barbados rentals means you'll be warmly welcomed wherever you go. And after a hard day of sunning and sightseeing, our Sunny Barbados vacation rentals are the perfect spots to end your day, some with a panoramic sunset view from your peaceful seaside terrace.

The West Coast Beaches of Barbados are known for calm, clear waters and soft white sandy beaches making them ideal for swimming, snorkeling or relaxing with a rum punch. The west coast gently nudges the tranquil Caribbean Sea in all its turquoise glory and is perfect for water sports like skiing and wakeboarding, it also boasts most of the island's popular scuba diving areas.

Some specific points to note about our Beaches:

Flags on Beach denote dangerous currents.

  • YELLOW FLAG: means proceed with caution

  • RED FLAG: is a strong warning that you should stay out of the sea

It is always advisable to stay within your depth when swimming. There is quite a bit of activity along the coast lines with boats and other water crafts so when snorkelling or diving please display a brightly coloured buoy or float to indicate your location.

Manchineel trees
More prevalent on the West Coast, but also found in small quantities elsewhere, these poisonous trees (usually marked with a red painted ring around the trunk) are to be handled with care.  They bear small yellow-green “apples”  and any contact with the leaves, branches or fruits will cause severe blistering. The fruit should NOT be eaten at anytime and take care not to shelter under these trees when it’s raining as the water dripping from the leaves will produce the same unpleasant effect.

Sea Urchins/Cobblers
Barbados is surrounded by extensive coral reefs and sea urchins (commonly referred to locally as cobblers) are abundant in the rocks and crevices that are close to shore. The long black spines will break easily and embed in your feet if stepped on. It is advised that if you are snorkelling or walking on any of the shallow reefs you wear reef shoes for protection against these animals and other small fish.

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